Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Backyard Beekeeping Books

Before you go out and buy fancy and expensive equipment it is best to do research.  There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of books and websites out there to help you get started out right.  Beekeeping isn't like baking a cake.  You can't just buy the ingredients, mix it together, bake and let cool.

I've ordered a few books to get me started and I'll start to review them in the next few weeks.  Below are a few which had great reviews.
I look forward to reading about the wonders of Beekeeping!

*These are affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase these books using the links I might make a small commission.  Any and all opinions shared are my own*


  1. I have a bee skip but I've never put it outside! Pinning your bee books:) Stopping over from the hobnob where I'm co-hosting:)